ONEGODLESS is no longer active. Please check out our new band Our Oceans.
band photo
From left to right: Jim Meyer, Robin Zielhorst, Pieter Verpaalen, Rik Haaksman



In a world full of musicians, home studios, bands and their respective originality, ONEGODLESS decides to bring nothing new. Since everything already has been done, and everything else won't be worth making, these brave young men decide to do something entirely different: acknowledge their total lack of cutting edge, thriving in genuine unoriginality. Without copying other bands, they proudly walk this beaten path of metal. This band makes a mixture of Metal, Rock and Blues like many bands you've heard of before, going from Pantera and Black Sabbath to Down and Black Label Society.

To make sure there's no misunderstanding about the style of music, ONEGODLESS created their own musical genre: HEAVYSTONERBLUESGROOVEROCKSLUDGEMETAL. ONEGODLESS' heavily riff oriented music trades speed and technical prowess for groove and feel, boldly going where many bands have gone before. It is a grooving metal machine that does not stop until you're beating your head to the sound of the riffs. Metal to make you move and groove, yet staying hard and heavy.

Band mastermind Robin Zielhorst (session bass player, ex-Cynic, ex-Blue Man Group, Exivious, Our Oceans and solo artist), founded the band in 2013. After the release of their 2014 EP "The Beaten Path", ONEGODLESS hit the studio in 2016 to record their debut album "MOURNER". This album was released on June 9th 2017. The band is currently working on new material.

Press statements:

"Metal, stoner, blues and heavy-groovy rock are blended together into a ferocious-sounding mix that often reminds of bands like Down and Pantera, their swinging bluesmetal brutally pounds its way from the stereo to your ears. It is simply impossible to sit still while listening to this record." 78/100 -Lords of Metal

"The characteristically riff-oriented rock sounds like a technical version of Pantera or a straight-forward Mastodon. Great riffs to bang your head to." 78/100 -Metalfan

"Dutch sons of Pantera that produced a wonderfully sludgy heavystonerbluesgrooverocksludgemetal record!" 95/100 -Rock Tribune

"Perfect for fans of seriously grooving metal bands like Lamb Of God, Pantera and Exhorder." - Aardschok

Robin Zielhorst Bass
Pieter Verpaalen Vocals
Jim Meyer Guitars
Rik Haaksman Drums

*Be advised: this music is best listened to with your volume at level 11. Please use earplugs (included with physical copies) to protect your ears if necessary. ONEGODLESS can not be held responsible for any hearing loss.*