Exivious is no longer active. Please check out our new band Our Oceans.

Liminality (from the Latin word limen, meaning "a threshold") describes the stage in a transformation where the state of origin is being dissolved and reconstruction into its new state can begin. A state where all superfluous qualities are released and only essence remains.

This phenomenon sparked the band's interest as they became aware of its existence in their compositional process. For Liminal especially, Tymon and Michel have been working from a very intuitive place. Trying to capture and convert raw emotions, situations, or any inspiration for that matter, into music. It was all about extracting the essence, be it on a conscious or subconscious level, and reconstructing it into musical information.

The software

With the artwork for Liminal, the band tried to illustrate this stage of transformation in an abstract way. They worked together with Coen Klösters and Pieter Willems to develop an interactive environment called the Liminal Universe Shaper. A 3D environment displaying a network of nodes and connections illustrating the stage of transformation.

With the help of this software the crowdfunding backers who bought the 'Personalized Unique Edition' were able to shape the liminal universe to their liking. The design could then be saved and was printed on a poster that shipped with the album.

Also, every time the Liminal Universe Shaper would be opened, it would automatically load the previous customer's creation so the next customer could continue designing from that point on. After all customers designed their artwork, the band ended up with a piece of artwork that was shaped by all 'Personalized Unique Edition' backers. This piece of generative community artwork was then used to create the final album artwork.

some unique posters made by customers of the Personalized Unique Edition, click to enlarge


Exivious' debut album was first released as a limited unique edition. Only 1000 copies were printed and each single copy was bundled with a unique mini poster. The concept behind this release is explained below. While the limited unique edition is sold out at this point, there's still a digipak version of the album available in the shop section of this website.

Choice, the connection between all conscious entities that surround us. The right, power or opportunity to shape, create or alter all that is.
The concept behind the music and the artwork is based on choice. Every album of our limited unique edition came with its own unique mini poster. The artwork is built up with lines which represent our life's paths, our own endless stream of choices. The first album copy starts off with one line, one path, one choice. Every album adds a line, illustrating how our universe builds from one simple choice into a web of never ending choices.

'Waves of thought, washing upon the shores of our collective spirit' - taken from the lyrics for 'Waves Of Thought' that never made it on the album.

below you can see examples of the unique posters, click to enlarge